With a thirst for rare and unconventional sounds, Matthieu Benjamin emerges as a visionary artist, delivering a unique blend of dark, and atmospheric techno that captivates listeners. Honing his auditory sensibilities in the city of Berlin, Matthieu Benjamin’s journey took a decisive turn in 2019 when he began entrancing audiences across Swiss clubs and started creating his label, Temporal Variation.

Behind the decks, Matthieu Benjamin has meticulously etched his name in the sonic echelons, treating his audiences to a transcendental and refined auditory odyssey. His sets and sounds have graced venues including D! Club, Folklor Club, Le Zoo, La Gravière, Nordstern and Hive Club. Notably, his talent caught the discerning ears at the Zurich-based label Adroit, welcoming him into their audible family as a resident.

In the realm of music production, Matthieu Benjamin’s artistry has been rigorously honed and refined. His productions have found their home on labels such as Olympian, Newrhythmic, Illegal Alien, Anaøh, Immaterial.Archives, and Eclectic Limited. With an astounding output of nearly 50 tracks in a single year, his compositions reverberate globally, finding resonance in esteemed venues including Awakenings, Berghain, Fabric, and Bassiani.

These productions have received accolades from luminaries in the electronic music sphere, including Richie Hawtin, DVS1, Rødhåd, Adriana Lopez and Kr!z.

A pivotal dimension in Matthieu Benjamin’s career is his brainchild, Temporal Variation. This label not only embodies his philosophy but also becomes a platform for artistic innovators to collaborate.

Matthieu Benjamin’s presence in the electronic music landscape is accentuated by his appearances alongside legends of the industry like Jeff Mills, Marcel Dettmann, Kobosil, Nastia, Len Faki, Freddy K and Oscar Mulero. As his sound journey continues, Matthieu Benjamin keep pushing the boundaries of techno and forging a path that resonates with aficionados worldwide. His audible tapestries invite listeners to traverse uncharted realms, a journey guided by his unwavering dedication to the craft and his unrelenting pursuit of auditory excellence.